Publish the results of your study in order to reinforce your image in the scientific community and with healthcare authorities

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Since the creation of Carenity in 2011, we have developed solid scientific partnerships with pharmaceutical industries, research centres, hospitals, physicians and universities in order for patients experience to be better understood and taken into account.

Our projects have been the subject of numerous publications: posters for medical congresses, articles published in scientific journals, etc. There has been a total of more than 30 publications since 2011.

Why publish the results of real life patient studies?

  • To raise awareness among physicians and authorities about the difficulties encountered by patients in real life situations
  • To promote the dialogue between healthcare policy makers (elected representatives and councillors, health authorities, patients associations, scientific societies…) based on real life data
  • To generate patients’ real life data in order to prepare the optimized market access
  • To demonstrate the value of your products in real life

Examples of publications

For each project we accompany you in managing the board of experts and publishing the results of the study

Setting up, managing and compensating the board of experts: physicians, other healthcare professionals, health economists, patients, associations... The board of experts is directly involved conducting the study
  • Validating the study’s methodology and the design of the questionnaire
  • Validating the representativeness of the sample panel (comparison with national public claim databases)
  • Defining the analysis plan and supervising the dissemination of the study results
  • Preparing the abstract and writing the publication
  • Validating the poster or the publication


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